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Report Predicts New Wellness Trends for 2013

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Wanna know the hot new wellness trends that everyone will be talking about next year? If you don't know what "earthing" or "Ayurveda" are, then it might be a good idea to check out the press release below, from SpaFinder Wellness. It has  some interesting predictions as to what people will be doing to enhance their overall well-being in 2013. The report also gives an indication as to why the wellness industry is one of the fastest growing markets in all the developed countries. Whether you’re a consumer of wellness-related services or a practitioner, this report is well worth a look. 

2013 Wellness Trends

Check out some of the trends that we’ll see greatly expand next year -
  • The use of ancient traditions such as Ayurveda
  • Spas that cater to people with physical limitations.
  • Men having more face and body enhancements through surgery and other means. ( Note: I don’t necessarily agree that body enhancements qualify as a “wellness trend”. I suppose it would depend on each individual case.)
  • Earthing - Yeah, that’s a new one for me, too. Earthing is (as far as I can tell) the process of reconnecting with nature. It’s so new, there’s not even a Wikipedia article about it.


I have the press release from SpaFinder Wellness below, but I want to emphasize that my posting it doesn’t imply my support for the services listed. I also have no affiliation with SpaFinder Wellness, which describes itself as a “wellness discovery engine” – basically a website that helps customers locate spas and other facilities around the world.


Having stated my disclaimer, I must admit that some of these trends sound promising. I especially liked the prediction about “healthy hotels”. From the summary below, it appears that major hotel chains are realizing that an increasing percentage of their guests are health-conscious. Imagine staying at a hotel in which everything is geared to enhancing some aspect of wellness – from specialized, healthy menus to greatly improved spa and fitness rooms. That’s a trend I can definitely support. 

The trend of  “mindfulness massage” also sounds like it could be beneficial. We all know that massage has been widely accepted as a wellness treatment, but “mindfulness massage” is designed to clear the mind and help the client relax and achieve a much higher awareness of the present moment.

If any of these trends sound particularly interesting to you, or if you have tried any of them, feel free to leave your opinion.

Press Release

SpaFinder Wellness Previews Top 10 Spa and Wellness Trends for 2013 (via PR Newswire)
NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SpaFinder Wellness today revealed a preview of its 10th annual Trends Report, which forecasts top trends that will impact the spa and wellness industry and shape consumer experiences around the globe. The full 60+-page report, including an analysis of factors…

by Matthew Killorin

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