Thursday, February 7, 2013

Geek Love - A Brief History of Geek Romances

geeky sexy young woman
Yeah this is a wellness blog, but it's my wellness blog, so that means I can post whatever I want.

It just so happens, today I'm getting into the Valentine's Day spirit and wanted to share this awesomely geeky infographic. It highlights some of the greatest geek romances and throws in some funny stuff, such as "Annoying Habits of a Geeky Significant Other or Spouse".

image source: bevangoldswain -

Of course, I'm all about "added value", so I also gave you some info below that'll keep you safe on your next geeky love connection. Make sure you scroll all the way down.

Okay, still with me? Cool.

Check out these links for info that'll make this Valentine's Day hot AND safe. 

  • 3 Myths about Women You Shouldn't Believe - Men's Health lists the stuff that we guys have always been told about chicks that might be wrong. Science says so!
  • Top Ten Best Condoms - Guys. sexually transmitted dieseases and unintended pregnancies are no joke. Be safe and read this article on Livestrong for deets on which brands of condoms to buy.  
  • Things That Can Lower Your Sex Drive - Alcohol, lack of sleep, medication - all those things and more can lower your sex drive. Watch this nifty slideshow on WebMD for the rest.  
by Matthew Killorin

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