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What Are the 12 Biggest Myths about Sex?

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Sex - How much do you really know?

Without a doubt, sex is one of the most overlooked aspects of wellness. It's an area of health that most people would rather not discuss or read about until some problem occurs. I think learning about human sexuality is one of the topics that most guys would rather put off as long as they possibly can. Not only do they neglect to learn about it, but often the source of information is highly suspect.

Think about it - where does the average guy get his information about all the complexities of human sexuality? TV? Movies? The know-it-all friend? Pornos?

Use Trustworthy Sources of Sexual Health Info 

Be careful about your sources of sexual information. The internet is full of whack sites that claim to be "health sites", but are nothing more than thinly veiled ads for "male enhancement pills" or other garbage. Use caution whether you're looking for information about sex and healthy relationships, sexual behaviors, sexual dysfunctions, or other topics.

Check out these Sites for More Sexual Health Info - 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Sexual Health

American Sexual Health Association 

WebMD Sexual Health Center

Men's Health Magazine

About this Infographic 

I'm sharing the infographic below because it's from a reputable source and it addresses some of the biggest health myths. My thanks to the organization that created this graphic - The Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases. This non-profit org is based in Greece and describes itself as promoting
"...the health of the urinary and genital system through information, prevention, early diagnosis and documented restoration of urological diseases."
Oh, and one more thing - the first myth is about the average erect penis length, and it's listed as 13 centimeters - that's about 5 inches for my American readers.

by Matthew Killorin

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