Killorin Wellness Consulting
I'm Matthew Killorin, and I'm a forty-something geek with a background in the health field. I use this website and blog to help fellow geeks of a certain age deal with wellness issues that I'm facing myself.  

In case you're wondering about the superhero logo - I use that to show visitors that this isn't an ordinary health site. That little super-dude tells people that this is a fun, geek-centric place where you're just as likely to see a movie trailer as you are a health article. 


I offer two programs that I conduct over Skype, phone, or email, but my blog is where I focus a lot of my time. 

If you're a guy around my age and you're also a comic book/movie geek like me, then this is the health site for you. If you're a chick, I hope you visit often, but be aware that the information here is geared towards men's health. 

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Profile photograph by Sandy Whittington