Killorin Wellness Consulting
I'm Matthew Killorin, and thanks for visiting!

I earned an Undergraduate Degree in Health Science from Armstrong Atlantic State University, in Savannah, Georgia.   

I also earned a Masters Degree in Public Health, with a focus on health promotion, from the University of South Carolina.

After graduate school, I worked for nearly a decade as a health educator for a state health agency. When I was with the state agency I dealt with all types of health issues and gained a ton of experience.  I also had the pleasure of teaching health and wellness courses at a university in Virginia. 

In addition to that professional experience, I've been personally involved in health and wellness since the early '90s. I started out as a hard-core runner and cyclist and in the last few years I've dialed back on my workouts in favor of less intense activities. 

Overall, I have over twenty years experience in the health field on a professional and personal level.  

I live in my hometown of beautiful Savannah, Georgia

Need more info? Contact me. 

Profile photograph by Sandy Whittington